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Dollar amounts shown reflect average pricing


In designing your residential landscaping, it is important to recognize that your lawn and outdoor spaces are an extension of your home and, in a way, yourself. Work with our landscaping professionals who understand the importance of putting your preferences and needs first.


The Smith Brothers are proud to offer customized services and therefore prices can vary greatly depending on the work needed. Please contact us for more information.

2 hrs | $99



f you need a weed whacking service, you should know the Smith Brothers can take on weed whacking projects of all sizes. Whether you just need basic weed whacking around your home and trees, or if you need difficult weed whacking services for overgrown areas, we can take care of it for you. We offer one time weed whacking services as well as maintenance services on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. Our dedicated weed whacking specialists will show up on schedule and do a high quality job you can depend on.

1 hr | $30

Weed Whacking


The Smith Brothers Lawn Care company offers three typs of lawn care services: (1) Organic Lawn Care, in which we utilize natural plant, mineral, and animal sources instead of traditional chemicals, making it safe for pets, people, and the environment. (2) Hybrid Lawn Care is a program that combines both the best of organic products and traditional products in order to create an optimal environment for eco-conscious homeowners who do not mind using some chemicals in their lawn care treatment plan. Finally, (3) Traditional Lawn Care is usually the most affordable and fast-acting of the three programs. The common chemical treatments we use have proven effective in providing fast, short-term results.

1 hr | $45

Lawn Care


Life's busy enough. So trim one of those more menial jobs from your to-do list and hire a garden clearance professional. The Smith Brothers Lawn Care company have the tools, transport and expertise to clear your garden quickly and efficiently.


The work is usually split into two phases: trimming and gathering up leaves, cuttings, and other waste, before disposing of it. We can handle leaf clearance, gutter clearance, garden waste clearance, and general rubbish removal.

1 hr | $35

Garden Clearance


Has your garden, fields, plants or grass started suffering recently due to the water restrictions? Plants and greenery are important for creating oxygen, enhancing curb appeal, and promoting a healthier environment through storing carbon. The Smith Brothers Lawn Care company is proud to offer a legal watering service, so you don’t have to worry about letting your plants die or your grass dry up. With our residential watering services, we will help your vegetation or your lawn grow. With non-potable storage tanks, we transfer 100% recycled, non-potable water to your home. This type of water meets the water conservation guidelines and keeps your plants green.

1 hr | $20



Everyone is impressed by a beautiful green lawn. It’s inviting. It’s beneficial for the environment. It is the contrasting frame that accents your landscape plantings. And best of all, it increases the value of your property. For over four decades, the Smith Brothers have installed lawns for newly-constructed homes and restored lawn areas after home renovations and pool installations. For those lawns which may have deteriorated over time, we bring thin or damaged lawns back to life. Lawn installation services include site preparation, topsoil installation, grading, hydro-seeding, power-seeding and sod installation.

4 hrs| $199

Grass Installation
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